Câblerie STEIN


Our manufacturing capacity and our extensive experience allow us to offer a wide range of compositions for our steel wire ropes, including standardized compositions and compositions meeting specific requirements.Some of these are presented below. Do not hesitate to contact us for any other specific composition.

We are can produce wire ropes with a diameter of up to 26 mm (1.024")

Single strand : 1 x 7, 1 x 19, 1 x 37
Control cables, telecommunications line self-supporting strand, guying, yacht rigging...
Wire ropes of standard composition :
6 x 7, 6 x 19, 6 x 37 —FC or WSC
(Superior quality wire ropes of standard compositions)
Control cables, small hoists, general applications...
Wire ropes of standard composition :
6 x 25, 6 x 36 WS —FC or IWRC
Hoisting wire ropes, slings wire ropes...
8-strand wire ropes with fiber, mixed, or steel independent core :
8 x 19 S —FC or IWRC
Hoisting wire ropes, elevator traction wire ropes.
4, 5 or 6-strand compacted wire ropes :
4 x 26 WS-FC, 4 x 36 WS-FC, 5 x 26 WS-FC, 6 x 19 S-IWRC
Wire ropes for special hoists (hoists with traversing wire rope, suspended platform hoists).

We offer our bright steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel wire ropes with various tensile strengths. The table below shows common materials. In some cases we are able to go beyond 2.160 N/mm². Contact us.

Bright/Ungalvanized steelGalvanized steelStainless steel AISI 304-316
Dual 1.370 / 1.770 N/mm²--
1.370 N/mm²1.370 N/mm²-
1.570 N/mm²1.570 N/mm²1.570 N/mm²
1.770 N/mm²1.770 N/mm²1.770 N/mm²
1.960 N/mm²1.960 N/mm²1.960 N/mm²
2.160 N/mm²2.160 N/mm²-